Technological Revolution: The 1990s

Technological Revolution: The 1990s features leading figures and events of the 1990s. Lessons cover Bill Gates and advancements in computer technology, the marketing strategies of Ty Warner, speeches by Barbara Bush and Hillary Rodham Clinton, immigration data and citizenship issues, and the Branch Davidians. Two lessons concentrate on laws by examining the U.S. Supreme Court and the diminished capacity defense. Three lessons deal with life in turmoil during the Los Angeles Riots, Operation Desert Storm, and the collapse of communism.

About the Series:

Social Studies curriculum units contain complete lesson plans with preliminary and follow-up work, teacher notes with background and rationale, ready-to-use worksheets, and suggested answers for student questions. These materials encourage the development of thinking, reading, speaking, research, and writing skills as well as critical thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

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Student Activities

Academic activities include comparing and contrasting marketing strategies, identifying with people in history, discussion, collaborative learning, writing essays, journal entries, research, and debate.