Writing for Publication

Lessons focus on key journalism concerns such as responsible news gathering and organizational skills. Emphasis, in Journalism, is on the process of arriving at the finished product for student publications such as yearbooks and newspapers. Students evaluate and analyze peer work within the flexible lessons in this unit.

The last lesson includes several final exam options. The appendix features a glossary of journalism terms and a resource list of professional organizations that offer free or inexpensive items to supplement journalism work.

About the Series:
English & Language Arts curriculum units contain complete lesson plans with preliminary and follow-up work, teacher notes with background and rationale, ready-to-use worksheets, and suggested answers for student questions. These materials encourage the development of thinking , reading, speaking, research, and writing skills as well as critical thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

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Student Activities

Academic activities include questioning; note-taking; organizing; creating news stories, features, editorials, columns, captions, and headlines; determining the newsworthiness of possible stories; interviewing strategies; generating questions for a press conference; analyzing online journalism and using technology to expand and improve writing skills.