The Light in the Forest/A Country of Strangers by Conrad Richter

Performance Outcomes and Deliverables

Activities foster students’ development of writing and thinking skills: creating imagery and mood, outlining story details, analysis of symbols and story structures. Students investigate methods of characterization and use of personification, parody, and poetry. They practice editorial writing in response to literature.

Supplementary materials include a test with answer key and optional activities.

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Literary Form

American novel

21st-Century Skills

  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking
  • Social and cross-cultural skills


This exciting action story is told from the viewpoint of a teenage boy. While the story is filled with action and excitement, underlying themes focus on rejection and alienation. Throughout the world, cultures continue to clash, with ancient differences surfacing, causing strife in situations where philosophies reflect variations in modes of life. The Light in the Forest offers a perspective of history that may evoke some understanding or compassion that the world can live in greater civility and harmony.

A Country of Strangers is a companion and sequel to The Light in the Forest. This novel expands the picture of American Indian tribal life and the treatment of stolen children.