Psychology employs the scientific method to investigate the many complexities of human existence. This unit is a comprehensive examination of the basic topics covered by high school or introductory college courses in psychology. Lessons are organized into the following parts: Learning; Brain/Body Relationship to Behavior; Consciousness; Human Development; Emotion/Motivation; Personality, Adjustment, and Stress; Mental Disorders; Social Psychology; and Research. Students study the learning process, beginning with classical operant conditioning; how the brain and body produce behavior; sleep, dreams, and the harmful effects of certain drugs; physical, intellectual, social, and moral development; personality theories and coping strategies; documenting and recording research and statistics; causes and treatments of mental disorders; and more.

Lessons provide a comprehensive manual for teachers as a primary teaching tool or as a supplementary resource. The unit may be used with any high school text.

About the Series:

Social Studies curriculum units contain complete lesson plans with preliminary and follow-up work, teacher notes with background and rationale, ready-to-use worksheets, and suggested answers for student questions. These materials encourage the development of thinking , reading, speaking, research, and writing skills as well as critical thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

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Student Activities

Activities include reading and writing skill development, interpretation of charts and graphs, and application of psychological theories to everyday life. Students also role-play, participate in simple experiments and demonstrations, and contribute to small- and large-group discussions.