Master the latest technology and engage your students in a new way

The Digital Teacher Series gives you the knowledge, tools, and confidence to use technology to its fullest in your classroom to maximize your students’ learning potential. The goal of these courses is to empower educators with connected, collaborative, and bold classrooms.

Web-based multimedia? Social Networking? Web 2.0? Absolutely! Start using these dynamic, proven tools today to invigorate your teaching – and their learning.

The beauty of these hands-on, step-by-step courses is that you’ll learn everything you need to know about today’s Web-based tools and applications and, more importantly, how to integrate energized, technology-based projects into your everyday instruction.

These courses are actionable and results-oriented. More than just learning about the technology and what it can do, you’ll use the technology to design your own engaging lessons and classroom projects.

Online PD with a Unique Twist

CFL online Professional Development is different from other online programs in several important ways. First, the courses are professionally facilitated by masters-level teachers. This one-on-one interaction makes for an enjoyable, lively learning environment, and a more meaningful, long-lasting learning experience.

Second, you’ll get more than theory from these courses. As you learn, you’ll create specific lessons and projects ready for use in your own classroom. You’ll not only take away newfound expertise, but an arsenal of relevant, actionable classroom applications to make an immediate impact.

And finally, the sustainable results of the learning are easy to identify. Our post-course Learning Reflection provides you the opportunity to identify the changes you’ve made in your classroom, and compare the tangible steps you’ve taken toward improved teacher effectiveness against your individual professional development plan.

Courses are powered by Haiku

The Digital Teacher Series is powered by Haiku Learning Management System, an elegant online interface to help teachers teach, students learn, and everybody connect online. Haiku is the simplest way to bring the Web to your classroom, and your classroom to the Web. Click here to learn more.

Inspired by Kiker Learning

The “idea incubator” for the Digital Teacher Series, Instructional Technology & Design from Kiker Learning models a proven design paradigm of collaborative communications, differentiated outcomes, media rich design, and immersive content for an improved learner experience. Click here to learn more.