Unique Online Format

Unlike other online PD, our courses are facilitated by experienced, masters-level teachers who follow a rigorous syllabus and guide lively, thoughtful dialogue among participants. Paced for an enjoyable experience, you'll enjoy the flexibility of completing coursework at times convenient for you. And it's not a solo journey! The "virtual classroom" offers an inviting environment to share insights and practical classroom techniques for reinforcing 21st-century skills.

Improve Student Achievement

You’ll learn the latest instructional strategies and methodologies from today’s top researchers and authors. Better yet, the courses provide useful, teacher-tested techniques and activities to apply in your school or classroom, designed to improve student engagement and enhance higher-order thinking skills.

Learning Reflection

Post-course Learning Reflection identifies your demonstrated classroom improvements. Eight weeks after course completion, you’ll reconnect with your facilitator to identify how your coursework has improved the way you teach and the impact it has had on student learning. Participants will outline the demonstrated enhancements to their classroom effectiveness, and relate them to their personal professional development goals.

This is not a passive experience! Unlike other online PD formats that involve passively watching videos and solitary assignments, CFL PD lets everyone participate. You’ll answer probing questions from our professional facilitators, and comment on responses from other participants. This assures an animated, diverse, and thought-provoking discussion.

Courses are designed to meet the need of both new and experienced teachers in public, private, and charter school environments.

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