Card Deck for Teens

Card deck


   Order Code: ING609    ISBN : 9781683732587
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Help teens be present to life

By Gina M. Biegel. Fifty aesthetically pleasing cards feature low-pressure questions, tips, and exercises to help put teens in a pleasant state of mind when they’re feeling anxious, moody, angry, or just need to relax. Designed to help teens be present to life as it is actually taking place, the suggestions can be done in the moment or kept in mind throughout the day. For example, cards recommend sitting without distractions for one minute, listening to your favorite song as if you’ve never heard it before, or savoring a sweet treat by eating it slowly. Three blank cards are included to allow for customization. Grades 6–12. 3" x 5". PESI. ©2016.

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Grades 7-12