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A China expert adopts a Q&A format to supply clearly written answers to the 108 most important questions about China.

Arranged chronologically, questions range from "What were Confucius’s core ideas?" through "What were the main early dynasties?" and "Who was Sun Yat-Sen?" to "What is the most common thing Americans get wrong about China?" and "How can the U.S. and China coexist as the world’s two superpowers?"

“Wasserstrom has accomplished a remarkable feat: melding the insights from deep scholarly immersion in history with an up-to-the-minute grasp on contemporary developments in China and beyond. Written in a crisp prose,…questions big and small, alarmingly complex and deceptively simple—from who Confucius was to how the Communists defeated the Nationalists and whether China was bent on world domination—are answered with aplomb and precision…. I for one am grateful to have this little book in hand when I greet the next round of fresh-faced undergraduates coming to my classes wishing to know something about ‘China.'”
—Haiyan Lee, Stanford University

“Wasserstrom is a sure-footed guide through the thickets of China’s history and the turbo-driven landscape of its current affairs. Indispensable reading.”
—Andrew Ross, author of Fast Boat to China: Lessons from Shanghai

“Readers who know a fair bit about China already will be left better informed, looking at what they already knew in another light. Readers new to the subject couldn’t start in a better place.”

“Wasserstrom, a preeminent scholar of Chinese history, here provides a useful resource for those who want a greater understanding of the how and why of China’s emergence as a global power.”
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