New England

COMPLETE SET: 2 paperbacks


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Graphic novel–style comics from an eclectic group of artists, authors, professors, and historians illuminate true stories from colonial New England—many of which don't appear in traditional history books.

Page-turning tales, told through a wide variety of exciting visual and storytelling styles, shed light on events and people, from the famous to the relatively unknown. The first volume covers topics such as how the Europeans’ practice of allowing "troublesome sows" to roam free wreaked havoc on Native American farms, one of the earliest incidences of race-based slavery, the first permanent Jewish settlement in America, and the many Native Americans and African Americans who worked on whaling ships. The second volume’s subjects include the Triangle Trade, the Newport riots against the Stamp Act, women in colonial America, the Boston Tea Party, Mercy Otis Warren, African American Loyalist Newton Prince, Franklin’s "Join or Die" cartoon, and the "shot heard around the world.".

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Titles in this series (2) :