30 e-Tools for Collaborating, Creating, and Publishing Across the Curriculum



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Increase your confidence using digital tools

By Steve Johnson. In this Web 2.0 world, your students are communicating, customizing, and creating like never before. It’s no surprise, therefore, that standards for the 21st-century classroom recognize the value of teaching with digital tools. Knowing how to effectively teach with them is another matter altogether. The author shows you how to transform 30 cutting-edge e-tools into powerful vehicles for teaching—and learning. You will find:

  • An array of low-to-no-cost digital tools ranging in complexity and all focused on educational merit
  • Step-by-step instructions that take the mystery out of using each e-tool
  • Lesson connections and lists of classroom-proven ideas for applying each e-tool across the curriculum
  • Backdoor links to the special services and discounts available to teachers for many of the digital tools profiled in this book
  • Standards-based assessment rubrics and strategies (including how to implement digital portfolios) to help you meet 21st-century classroom instructional goals
  • Links to the author’s website and blog for news and updates on incorporating technology-based activities into your lessons.

Complete and ready-to-use, this book shows you how to connect your teaching to the e-tools that are relevant to your students’ lives. Whether you’re already an advanced e-tool user or a newbie, Digital Tools for Teaching will increase your confidence using digital tools, broaden your perspective, and give you new teaching strategies that you can use tomorrow. Grades 5–12. 8" x 11". Maupin House. 133 p ©2011.

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