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Thoroughly researched programs explore the geography, history, and culture of key nations around the world, personalizing the country profiles by focusing on individual citizens who illustrate contemporary social dynamics.

Each title comprises two sections on two discs (exception: Japan Revealed is a single 60-minute disc). The first section (20 minutes) consists of mini-documentaries on high-interest topics of historical or cultural significance, the second (100 minutes) delivers a detailed, cogent exploration of the entire country, past and present. In China Revealed, for instance, short segments (just a few minutes in duration) introduce the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Three Gorges Dam, the Silk Road, kung fu, tai chi, and fireworks and other Chinese inventions, while the main program begins with the birth of the People’s Republic, drops back into deeper history, returns to the present to contrast the lives of rural and urban families, then uses the concept of the "Chinese Dream" to show how economic, political, and social transformations are presenting people with new challenges and opportunities.

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Run Time

Total time: 16 hours

Titles in this series (8) :