English Language Arts

GRADES 9–12 (178 pages)


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Project-based learning with real-world problems

Writing a pilot for a radio program, pitching an idea for a box-office hit, or penning a feature article for a children’s science magazine are among the projects contained in these two reproducible activity books. Ten standards-based projects per book strengthen students’ skills in areas such as creative and persuasive writing, critical reading, oral and visual presentation, and research. Teacher pages provide step-by-step procedures, vocabulary, handout masters, assessment tips, extension activities, and answer key. Students receive a project overview, Web resources, pre-project activity, the main project, and self-assessments. Including prep time, homework, and activities, lessons may take 6–12 hours. 8½" x 11". J. Weston Walch. 2012 editions.commoncore

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