Fresh Ways to Teach Usage, Language, and Writing Conventions, Grades 3–8



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Fresh ways of thinking about mechanics, grammar, usage, and more

By Sandra Wilde. The author approaches language learning in ways that reflect contemporary usage, including respectful and celebratory treatment of American language diversity. Students will learn about language for its own sake, with sample lessons and fresh ways of thinking about:

  • mechanics—the conventions of written language
  • traditional grammar instruction—simple and accurate ways to think about parts of speech, sentence types, and verb tenses
  • usage—why some ways that people speak are considered "wrong," and how teachers can help kids understand and control their choices in spoken and written language
  • language and social justice—how knowledge of language variation can help us treat all children fairly and support English language learners
  • linguistics—how to explore language in different ways: its nature, history, and geography.

With appendixes that suggest topics and units of study for different grade-level ranges, connections to the Common Core State Standards, and lists of selected readings for teachers and kids, Funner Grammar provides the tools to help kids explore and understand the fascinating and ever-changing world of grammar, in school and outside the classroom. Heinemann. 168 pages. ©2012.commoncore

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