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Up-to-date perspectives on significant health issues

Discover up-to-date perspectives on significant health issues in this collection of 42 articles compiled from major periodicals. General topics cover healthy behavior change, stress and mental health, nutritional health, exercise and weight management, drugs, sexuality and relationships, preventing and fighting disease, the health care system, consumer health, and contemporary health hazards. Recent articles have included “Dieting on a Budget,” “How Government Killed the Medical Profession,” “The Surprising Reason Why Heavy Isn’t Healthy,” “Refusing Vaccination Puts Others at Risk,”“The High Cost of Hooking Up,” and “Rethinking Drug Policy Assumptions.” A topic guide pinpoints concepts in each article. Advanced students. Orders filled with the latest edition. Index. Illustrated. 8½” x 11″. McGraw-Hill. 224 pages. 37th Edition. ©2016.

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