A Group Counseling Approach for Grades 6–9

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By Jill Waterman and Elizabeth Walker. Spelling out a step-by-step methodology, this book introduces ideas for group activities that build student skills in eight areas: trust-building and communication; anger management and emotion regulation; ethnic identity and anti-prejudice; educational aspirations; peer pressure, bullying, and gangs; male-female relationships; exposure to violence and posttraumatic stress reactions; and family relationships. Sample activities: a "Scary Art Gallery" showing artwork expressing students’ fears and a "Hot-Head Cool-Head Role Play" suggesting alternative responses to anger. Extensive appendixes include reproducible forms in English and Spanish. Index. Bibliography. 8½" x 11". Guilford. 272 pages. Second Edition. ©2009.

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  • Education and Career Ladder
  • My Goals
  • My Strategies for Success


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