Late 1800s–Early 1900s

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The 20 sources are:
1. Painting titled The Emigrants by S. V. Helander: depicts a young Swedish farmer bidding farewell to friends and relatives (19th century)
2. Illustration of Irish immigrants to New York withdrawing money from the Emigrant Savings Bank to send to relatives in Ireland (1880)
3. Political cartoon depicting Uncle Sam on the "U.S. Ark of Refuge" welcoming immigrants, with cloud "Wa" over them (1880)
4. Political cartoon depicting prejudice against Chinese immigrants (1882
5. Poster promoting the White Star Line, a British shipping company that brought many immigrants to America (circa late 1800s)
6. Newspaper illustration depicting an ocean steamer with immigrants on board passing the Statue of Liberty – 1887
7. Newspaper illustration of crowd of Italian immigrants in New York City arriving to work as contract laborers in coal mines (1888)
8. Map showing distribution of foreign-born population in the United States (1890)
9. Photograph of laundry hanging from clotheslines in a New York City tenement yard (circa 1900)
10. Photograph depicting the eye exam administered at Ellis Island (circa 1900)
11. Photograph of Mulberry Street in the Little Italy section of New York City (circa 1900)
12. Document showing U.S. immigration figures for 1903
13. Photograph of immigrants on the deck of the S.S. Patricia, an Atlantic liner (1906)
14. Photograph of a Jewish immigrant family working on piecework in the kitchen of their tenement home (1912)
15. Photograph of a Polish immigrant family working on farm near Baltimore, Maryland (1909)
16. Photograph of Asian immigrants arriving at Angel Island Immigration Station in San Francisco Bay, California (circa 1910)
17. Photograph of Greek emigrants getting into small boats on their way to a steamship bound for America (1910)
18. WWI poster encouraging newly arrived immigrants to support the U.S. government and buy Liberty Bonds to fund the war effort (1917)
19. U.S. government poster offering help to educate immigrants (1922)
20. Aerial photograph of Ellis Island (foreground) in Upper New York Bay (2014)

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