Eight Months in the Sonderkommando of Auschwitz


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This extensive eyewitness account reveals how one Jew, given the chance to increase his bread ration, agreed to become a Sonderkommando without realizing what his work would entail.

He soon found himself a member of the special unit responsible for removing the corpses from the gas chambers and burning their bodies, and his testimony details the grim round of daily tasks.

“Venezia’s testimony is the only account we have from a survivor of the Sonderkommando and enormous care has been taken by the publisher to ensure that all the salient facts from this darkest of stories are brought to light. [The] sense of existential inversion is what comes across most strongly in this book, more strongly than even Levi’s greatest work can convey.”
The Australian

“A deeply sincere, unadorned description of Venezia’s journey through hell … There are few, if any, better descriptions of the impact of massive psychic trauma on the human soul.”
Jewish Book World

“Shlomo Venezia’s unnervingly dispassionate personal record demands to be heard. Interviewer Beatrice Prasquier’s brusque questions, answered with painful truthfulness, bring home the lifelong scars this Greek Italian Jew must carry from the ever-present memories of the numberless innocents he helped lead to their grotesque slaughter.”
Morning Star

“What is remarkable is on the one hand the lack of anger, the simple language dealing with events that are unforgettable and beyond reality, and on the other hand the fact of Venezia’s daily life ever since … He has never, in his mind, lived outside the camp.”
Atsmi Uvsari

“I read many accounts of former deportees, and each time they take me back to life in the camp. But the story told by Shlomo Venezia is especially overwhelming because it is the only complete eye-witness account that we have from a survivor of the Sonderkommandos.”
Simone Veil

“This holocaust survivor’s testimony, like all others, will be read with fear and trembling.”
Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate

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