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Challenge fourth graders to master geography concepts, skills, and content, and then apply what they’ve learned to study U.S. regions.

Based on the Junior Geographer atlas—which teaches students how to use an atlas—this complete program gives students a thorough grounding in how to interpret maps, globes, and atlases.


  • 30 Junior Geographer atlases
  • A 294-page teacher’s guide with step-by-step lesson plans and reproducible handouts
  • 15 information literacy lessons
  • 1 literacy library with 12 age-appropriate fiction and nonfiction trade books, plus cross-curricular activities
  • 9 nine-inch globes (with cradle mounts) emphasizing the continents and their labeled countries
  • 30 laminated, markable, double-sided desk maps (18"h x 19"w), 15 political, 15 physical, each with the U.S. and the world on opposite sides, and all with inset thematic maps
  • 9 markable raised-relief maps showing a 3-D physical map of the U.S.
  • 30 fine-tip markers
  • 5-year digital subscription

A Spanish-language version of this program is also available.

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Sample pages from the atlas

Sample pages from the guide

Sample images of the maps