50 Mindfulness Activities for Kindness, Focus, and Calm

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By Whitney Stewart. Illustrated by Mina Braun. Help students learn to pay keen attention to their senses, feelings, and surroundings with these 50 full-color activity cards designed to nurture inner peace and strength. Divided into five categories—Start Your Day, Find Calm, Focus, Open Your Heart, and Rest and Relax—easy-to-follow games, activities, and meditations help students build empathy, manage everyday emotions, and have fun. Examples of activities: "Inhaling the Universe," "Shake the Sillies Out," "Mind Castle," "Name That Feeling," and "I Am Thankful." Includes instructions, tips for adapting activities for a wide range of abilities, and frequently asked questions. Intended for pre-K–5 but valuable for older students as well. 5" x 7". Barefoot Books. ©2017.

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