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The 20 sources are:
1. 1590 illustration of an Algonquian village on the Pamlico River estuary, Virginia
2. 1612 illustration of Chief Powhatan in a longhouse at Werowocomoco, Virginia
3. A 1616 Dutch engraving of Pocahontas
4. Various Native American artifacts
5. 1905 painting of Lewis and Clark Expedition on the Lower Columbia River; shows Sacagawea attempting to use sign language to communicate with other Indians
6. 1810 illustration of Tecumseh losing his temper when General William Henry Harrison refused to rescind the Treaty of Fort Wayne, Vincennes, Indiana
7. President Andrew Jackson’s message to Congress, 1830
8. 1835 lithograph depicting President Andrew Jackson as the "Great Father" to the Native Americans,
9. Various accounts of the Trail of Tears, 1838–1839
10. Portraits of various historic Native Americans
11. Photograph of a family of Pawnee Indians outside their home in Oklahoma, ca.1870
12. Depictions of Native American life in the West, 1870s
13. Sioux Indians at the Battle of Little Bighorn in the western United States, 1876
14. 1887 lithograph print of boys and girls at an Indian boarding school learning various skills
15. Various representations of Chief Joseph
16. 1907 photograph of Sioux Indian children playing with their playhouses on the Indian reservation
17. 1911 poster from the U.S. Department of the Interior following the Dawes General Allotment Act
18. 1943 photograph of Native American code talkers operating a radio set during WWII
19. Excerpts from a speech given by Gerry Gambill at a conference on Human Rights at Tobique Reserve in New Brunswick, August 1958
20. Traditional Native American dancer at a modern Pow Wow, 2007

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