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Beginning by exploring neighborhoods—the geographic “regions” most familiar to first graders—a full year of cross-curricular social studies activities jump off from the Block Buddy Atlas and the other components in this extensive program.

Units emphasize the themes of places to live, places to work, and places to learn.


  • 15 Block Buddy Atlases
  • One 290-page teacher’s guide with step-by-step lesson plans and reproducible handouts
  • 15 information literacy lessons
  • 1 literacy library with 12 age-appropriate fiction and nonfiction trade books, plus cross-curricular activities
  • 6 nine-inch globes (with cradle mounts) emphasizing the continents
  • 30 laminated, markable, double-sided desk maps (11"h x 17"w) showing business and residential neighborhoods
  • 30 laminated, markable, double-sided desk maps (11"h x 17"w) showing the U.S. and the world
  • 2 laminated, markable wall maps (33"h x 50"w) matching the desk maps showing business and residential neighborhoods
  • 1 laminated, markable, double-sided floor map (26"h x 38"w) of two neighborhoods, plus 20 model buildings to use with the floor map
  • 30 fine-tip markers, 4 wide-tip markers
  • 5-year digital subscription

A Spanish-language version of this program is also available.

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Sample pages from the atlas

Sample pages from the guide

Sample images of the maps