PART 1: 75 Lessons on Asia

Booklet of 15 lessons on reproducible pages


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Surveys Asian geography, countries, cities, landforms, waterways, and climatic regions, as well as providing a timeline of Asian history and a lesson on the impact of imperialism.

1. Asia in the World Setting
2. Password: Asia
3. Map Exercise: Asia
4. The Cities of Asia
5. Landforms and Waterways
6. Geography Contests
7. Asia Map Game
8. The Geography Game
9. Regions of Asia
10. Geographic Terms
11. Map Exercise: Climatic Regions
12. Skills Exercise: Charts and Graphs
13. Outline Maps
14. Country Study Guide
15. Test: The Asian Continent

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This title is part of the series: 75 LESSONS ON ASIA


2008 revised edition


8½" x 11"


Learning Center USA



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