PART 2: 75 Lessons on Latin America

Reproducible activity book


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Focuses on European explorers, imperialism, struggles for independence, the Spanish-American War, and the peoples and cultures of Latin America.

1. Columbus Explores the West Indies
2. To Tell The Truth: Hernando Cortes
3. American Indians Under Spanish Rule
4. Latin America in the Age of Imperialism
5. Latin Americans Gain Independence
6. Bolivar, San Martin, and Hidalgo
7. The Spanish-American War
8. The United States and Latin America
9. Summary: Historical Events
10. Summary Test: Historical Events
11. Famous Person Study Guide
12. The People of Latin America
13. Ways of Living
14. Map Exercise: Mexico and Central America
15. Charts and Graphs: Mexico and Central America

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This title is part of the series: 75 LESSONS ON LATIN AMERICA




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