PART 4: 150 Lessons on World History

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1. African Empires & Trading States
2. Africa: Ways of Living
3. Map Exercise: The First Americans
4. The Maya, Aztec & Inca Empires
5. Summary: The Middle Ages in Asia, Africa & the Americas
6. Summary Test: The Middle Ages in Asia, Africa & the Americas
7. The Renaissance
8. Bingo: The Renaissance
9. People of the Renaissance
10. Match Game: Leonardo da Vinci
11. The Reformation
12. The Counter Reformation
13. Map Exercise: Europe Trades With the East
14. The Explorers Game
15. Explorers Come to the New World

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This title is part of the series: 150 LESSONS ON WORLD HISTORY


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Approximately 50�60 photocopy masters



Sample lesson: African Empires and Trading States