Accelerating Achievement



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The Common Core is a rallying cry that accelerates student achievement

By Lucy Calkins, Mary Ehrensworth, and Christopher Lehman. The Common Core is written, but the plan for implementing it is not. Calkins and her colleagues at the Reading and Writing Project help teachers and leaders navigate the gap between literacy practices and the ideals of the Common Core in order to understand what the standards say, suggest, and what they don’t say, and to recognize the guiding principles that underpin the reading and writing standards. Specifically, it will help teachers craft instruction that supports students in reading more complex texts, developing higher level comprehension skills, and writing at the ambitious levels of the CCSS. Above all, this book explains the Common Core as a rallying cry that ignites deep, wide and lasting reforms and accelerates student achievement. Index. Bibliography. Heinemann. 214 pages. ©2012.

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