An In-Depth Guide for Any Novel

Reproducible activity book


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Close reading and deep analysis plus text-dependent questions

By Karen McRae. Transform the reading of a great novel into a journey of discovery with this flexible resource, general enough to be used with just about any novel yet designed to be completely customizable to the novel you are teaching. Instead of merely asking students what happened, the activities in this book require closer reading and deeper analysis with text-dependent questions that call for evidence to support claims. Chapters are organized by literary elements, and the table of contents identifies whether each activity is for individual or cooperative learning. Also included are instructions for creating and maintaining "Interactive Novel Logs" that provide students with a place to track their thoughts and observations, pre- and post-reading activities, and suggestions for pairing texts to expand understanding of themes and topics. Correlated to Common Core State Standards. Grades 6–12. Glossary. 8½" x 11". Teacher Created Resources. 144 pages. ©2016.

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