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When events in the past are framed not as facts to memorize but as controversies to debate, studying American history prepares students for informed citizenship today.

With The Idea of America‘s supplemental curriculum, 65 case studies (covering frequently taught topics from pre-exploration to our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan) make history relevant to your students by helping them discover the connections between past debates and present controversies. Delivered digitally, the program includes:

  • video introductions
  • online readings
  • content- and skill-building handouts
  • games and simulations
  • written and oral classroom debates

The Idea of America appeals to the 21st-century learner and fosters historical knowledge; critical thinking; speaking, reading, and writing skills; and spirited but civil debate. Developed by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and equipped with meticulously prepared lesson plans and teaching materials, the program is designed for seamless integration into any American history or civics curriculum. A teacher license provides unlimited access for one teacher and all that teacher’s students for one year. Contact our Curriculum Specialists for multiyear, multiuser, and multisite licenses.

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