Strategies for Universal Academic Achievement

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By Rita Schellenberg. This essential resource offers information that will help school administrators, counselors, supervisors, and practitioners understand the new roles and functions of the school counselor. Each chapter includes relevant research, literature, key players, real world applications, and major developments and trends that address needs- and data-driven practices, standards-based and research-supported curriculum, measurable outcomes, data reporting, and strategies for closing the achievement gap. The CD-ROM includes school counseling standards, data sources, and preformulated worksheets. Grades K–12. Index. Bibliography. Appendixes. Rowman & Littlefield. 147 pages. ©2008.

“Dr. Schellenberg’s perspective on standards blending programming for school counselors comes at a most opportune time for school leaders as they pursue collaborative initiatives for improved student achievement. School counselors have always performed a crucial, often unheralded leadership role, in supporting learning outcomes for all students, not just those experiencing personal, social or emotional problems. It is refreshing to envision the integration of academic standards, beyond the core, into the school counseling curriculum. The outcome would be specific skills and strategies focused on ‘more powerful and precise techniques for closing achievement gaps.’ Standards blending ought to be considered not only by school leaders but all educators who seek unprecedented alternatives and options to long standing beliefs, values and practices.”
—Dr. Glenn Koonce, , Professor & Director, Educational Leadership Program, Regent University, and Former Principal & Assistant School Superintendent for Instructional Services

The New School Counselor brings new vision school counseling to fruition with school administrator leadership and a standards-based approach that clearly attaches school counseling to academic achievement missions. Dr. Schellenberg’s electronic data reporting system, SCOPE and SCORE, is groundbreaking and essential to demonstrating results and accountable practices. This book is an absolute “must read” for school administrators and “practice guide” for school counselors.”
—Alice Blowe, M.Ed., School Administrator and Veteran Elementary and Secondary School Counselor

“Dr. Schellenberg’s approach to accountability, practical application of technology, and standards blending is useful, timely, and in line with the new vision pedagogy and CACREP standards for school counselor education and training. An excellent text for education and practice!”
—Dr. Agatha Parks-Savage, Professor, Counselor Education and Supervision, Regent University, and Licensed Professional Counselor & Approved Clinical Supervisor

The New School Counselor offers in-depth knowledge of how the new school counselor, who is deeply embedded in all aspects of the educational system, can work most efficiently and effectively in the schools. Schellenberg offers practical, hands-on strategies of how to work within the new paradigm for school counselors, the importance of planning if counselors are to be effective, how evaluation helps to show effectiveness of programs and can be used for future planning, and the importance of accountability of programs. The CD that accompanies the book offers important information about many aspects of the school counseling program, from planning to evaluation, and provides the students with a number of data-driven ways to examine the effectiveness of the school counselor. The New School Counselor is a comprehensive and hands-on text that goes beyond CACREP standards in defining the role of the school counselor and in showing how to implement specific school counselor functions. I view it as a must read.”
—Dr. Edward Neukrug, Professor, Educational Leadership and Counseling, Old Dominion University

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