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Reproducible curriculum unit


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By the end of this unit, students will be able to: investigate the apparent use of myth and folklore in the novel; reveal and understand recurring symbols and motifs in the novel; explain the narrative technique of frame narration; identify and expound upon the literary elements that define Hurston’s style; analyze the central and related conflicts in the novel; compare and contrast the formal voice of the narrator with the informal voices of the characters; identify and discuss the main idea and the underlying ideas of the novel; explain how Hurston’s use of idiomatic discourse lends meaning to the text; reveal and discuss parallels between Hurston’s life and that of her protagonist, Janie Crawford; analyze the tone of individual passages of the text; write about the author’s use of language as it relates to theme, characterization, and story development; and discuss Hurston’s use of irony as it relates to individual characters and as it relates to Janie’s quest for happiness and self-fulfillment. 52 pages. ©2006.

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