A Survival Guide for Depressed Teens



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By Bev Cobain. Peppered throughout with real-life stories of depression and recovery, this book communicates to teens that they need not suffer under the weight of their feelings either forever or on their own. The author presents timely and accurate information on topics such as symptoms, major types (including dysthymia, bipolar disorder, and seasonal affective disorder), effects on the brain, links with substance abuse, suicide, and specific avenues for getting help and staying well. A top ten list answers the biggest questions about teenage depression. Grades 7–12. Index. Resources. Illustrated. Free Spirit. 146 pages. Revised edition. ©2007.

Suicide PreventionVoices of Education (SAVE) Reading List Selection

“If there is a ‘light’ way to broach the subjects of depression and suicide, Cobain seems to have found it. The cousin of legendary rocker Kurt Cobain who suffered from bipolar disorder and killed himself in 1994, the author presents an easily understood and nonjudgmental discussion of what depression means, the types of depression, and how young people can help themselves or talk with others about it. Cobain has provided a nice pass-along for youth workers who might suspect depression in a young person.”—Youth Today magazine

“The most positive book on depression one could read…should be available to all teens.”—Voice of Youth Advocates

“Its honest, anecdote-filled treatment of the subject (apart from the book’s telling origins) make it a no-brainer buy.”—Youthworker

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Grades 7-12