Helping Students Navigate Unfamiliar Genres



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By Cathy Fleischer and Sarah Andrew-Vaughan. This introduction to the Unfamiliar Genre Project shows teachers how to use this process to expand students’ awareness of genre differences and to deepen their understanding of the writing process. Which genres are the most useful for students to study? And how do you find time to cover them all? This book shows how immersing students in one genre that they aren’t familiar with helps them understand the concept of genre in general and strengthens their reading and writing. Students will discover the skills to be savvy in any genre. The Unfamiliar Genre Project helps you:

  • develop students’ thinking about writing fundamentals such as purpose, audience, form, topic selection, and word choice
  • support adolescents’ test-taking abilities by increasing their awareness of the genre characteristics of test writing
  • fully engage students by connecting school writing to their outside interests
  • truly integrate the English curriculum by studying genre from the points of view of both readers and writers.

Grades 9–12. Illustrated. 7" x 9". Bibliography. Heinemann. 165 pages .©2009.

“This work is an important contribution to the field of writing instruction, but it is also a great read. The advice is practical, the resources helpful, and the discussion thought provoking. Fleischer and Andrew-Vaughan are wonderful guides on the journey through the Unfamiliar Genre Project…they invite us in, earn our trust, and then support us as we take on a new and unfamiliar challenge. Enjoy the journey!”
—Heather Lattimer, Author of Thinking Through Genre

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