Why the Real Cost of Goods Keeps Going Down



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This meaningful look at the economics behind the inexpensive goods flooding malls and big-box stores explains why prices seem to keep rising while production and shipping costs decrease

The program addresses the roles of several factors, including inflation, economies of scale, shortened supply chains, the "no-frills revolution" as embodied by Sweden’s IKEA and China’s combination of cheap labor and technology, ever-larger container ships, and knock-offs of more expensive goods. Downsides are presented as well, such as the effects of cheap goods on the consumer mindset and the environment; furthermore, the Chinese manufacturing bubble may soon burst, raising prices worldwide.

“. . . a highly recommended addition to academic and community library Political Science reference collections. . . . especially commended to the attention of the non-specialist general reader with an interest in the role media plays in American politics today.”
Midwest Book Review

“The author uses clear and easy-to-understand language to examine and interpret the content of media messages in print, image and multimedia forms in an objective manner.”
Reference & Research Book News

“The book is well researched and extremely well written. It is indexed for ease of use and provides ample citations to back up his findings and for further research. Baker’s authority is strong, and the work is free from obvious baas. The photographs, charts, and graphs are well rendered and add to the power of the book. The price is even reasonable. The amount of information presented would make this a great book for circulating as well as reference collections. It would be an excellent addition to the collections of large public libraries and academic libraries supporting programs in communication or political science, and is highly recommended.”

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