COMPLETE SET: 3-part AP Economics course


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To prepare high school students for the Advanced Placement Examination in Economics, this teaching kit features approximately 60 micro- and 50 macroeconomics activities incorporated into step-by-step lesson plans.

The lessons cover two semesters, one devoted to micro- and one to macroeconomics. The full kit contains

  • 1 copy of the Microeconomics student workbook
  • 1 copy of the Microeconomics teacher’s manual
  • 1 copy of the Macroeconomics student workbook
  • 1 copy of the Macroeconomics teacher’s manual

The workbooks help students understand, apply, and analyze fundamental economic concepts. The teacher’s manuals feature thorough lesson plans with objectives and answer keys to exercises in the student books. This Fourth Edition pares down content for better emphasis of essential AP economics concepts, revises lessons to use contemporary examples, and addresses the state of the test.

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Fourth Editions

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