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In the thrilling underworld of speakeasies, Tommy guns, and turf wars, Al Capone was the undisputed emperor of 1920s Chicago. "Scarface"—a nickname born from the consequences of a violent encounter in his youth—was many things to many people: a ruthless and vindictive murderer, a generous patron, and a glamorous impresario. Capone’s legacy, however, will forever be marked by his role as one of the most notorious gangsters in American history. This program follows Capone’s journey from the immigrant Brooklyn neighborhood of his youth, to the glittering circles of Chicago’s powerful elite, and finally to his years of imprisonment and his death at the age of 48. Rare photographs and exclusive interviews help paint an extraordinary portrait of the rise and fall of an American anti-hero.

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This title is part of the series: 20TH CENTURY




6 and up



Run Time

Approximately 45–50 minutes