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Two lively video presentations use offbeat humor to broach a serious discussion of classic study skills. In This Is a Test: This Is Only a Test, a young stand-up comedian makes fun of all the boring advice he has ever heard about test-taking skills and, in the process, he repeats all that advice, but in a way that is memorable. In This Way to an “A”, four personable students explain their individual adaptations of the standard study methods. The videos, when purchased as a set, include How to Study, a popular book by Ron Fry. Grades 6–12. Color. 30 minutes each. Cambridge Educational. ©1992, 1996.BETTER GRADES IN FEWER DAYS SERIES

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This title is part of the series: BETTER GRADES IN FEWER DAYS SERIES


Grades 7-12
Grades 7-12
Grades 7-12