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Three videos examine from different angles how the desire for acceptance during adolescence often leads teens into situations that are harmful both internally and externally. Bullycide and Verbal Abuse frankly describes the lengths to which the bullied may go to ease the pain of abuse. Cyberstalking and Bullying presents testimony from victims, police, and even a convicted felon warning teens to be wary of Internet predators, while also addressing the growing problem of harassment via email and other electronic means. Stopping Verbal Bullying stresses that words (especially among young girls) can be invisible weapons as psychologically damaging as any physical confrontation; the program also encourages bystanders to responsibly intervene in the abuse-not to simply watch it happen. Each DVD includes a brief teacher’s guide that includes a lesson plan with class discussion and self-reflection questions. Grades 6–12. Color. Approximately 18 minutes each. CWK Network. ©2006.

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This title is part of the series: BULLYING SERIES


Grades 7-12
Grades 7-12
Grades 7-12
Grades 7-12