What You Need to Know About Drugs and the Law



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"After you're booked, you get put in a 6 x 9 foot cell"

"After you’re booked, you get put in a 6 x 9-foot celljust a metal bunk and toilet. There’s no heat, but if you’re real lucky there might be toilet paper." In this candid documentary, viewers learn firsthand the life-changing effects of breaking drug laws—plus these sobering facts: juvenile arrest records stay with you; defense attorneys aren’t cheap; cars used in drug deals can be impounded and sold; there is guilt by association where drugs are concerned; juveniles don’t enjoy the same rights to bail that adults do. Designed to help students avoid bad choices and think before getting involved with drugs, the program includes a pdf teacher’s guide on the DVD. Grades 8–12. Color. 25 minutes. Human Relations Media. ©1999.

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Grades 7-12