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By R.E. Myers. "If life is a game, what are the rules of life? Is there a winner?" Comprising more than 40 lessons based on reproducible handouts, this book of discussion starters presents anecdotes and debatable assertions, then follows up with open-nded questions. Many of the situations are mysterious, many of the questions intriguing, and only a few of the lessons can be resolved into clear-cut cases of right or wrong. The purpose is to prod students into actively exploring their personal, social, and community values. Many of the topics focus on everyday life at home and school (such as cheating, bullies, substitute teachers, responsibility to a team), while others begin with abstractions (giving and receiving, taking responsibility, intervening, controlling) but bring the abstractions to life by asking provocative questions. Grades 6–8. Illustrated. 8" x 10". Good Year. 128 pages. ©1999.

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Grades 4-9
Grades 4-9



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