The Last Warrior



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His desperate battle to protect his people’s land resulted in his death, marking the end of an era. Yet Crazy Horse endures as an iconic and tragic figure of freedom and bravery. This program travels back to the waning days of the frontier for a revealing portrait of one of the most famous Native American leaders. Leading historians and elders of Crazy Horse’s Sioux tribe offer insight into his life and legend, while original period accounts depict his courage and passion. Witness the saga of one of the last great warriors, from his early battles against U.S. troops in Wyoming to the Battle of Little Big Horn to the signing of his own death warrant. This is a moving profile of a warrior who gave everything in a struggle to preserve the freedom and dignity of his people.

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This title is part of the series: PRE-20TH CENTURY




6 and up



Run Time

Approximately 45–50 minutes