U.S. History Classroom Games

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Placing students in the shoes of presidents, members of Congress, presidential advisors, or business owners, these games focus on key events or developments.

For each, students are presented with 3–4 options and win points by correctly deciding which was the historical alternative chosen at the time.

Titles included:
Battle of Lexington
Famous Inventors
Causes of The Civil War
Causes of The Cold War Pt I
Causes of The Cold War Pt II
Causes of The Cold War Pt III
Famous Presidents Part I
Famous Presidents Part II
Causes of WWII Part 1
Causes of WWII Part 2
Causes of WWII Part 3
Critical Decisions/George Washington
Critical Decisions/Thomas Jefferson
Critical Decisions/Lincoln 1860-62
Critical Decisions/Lincoln 1862-65
Critical Decisions/Theodore Roosevelt
Critical Decisions/Woodrow Wilson
Critical Decisions/Harry Truman
Critical Decisions/John F Kennedy
Critical Decisions/Harrison-Pierce
Critical Decisions/FD Roosevelt

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