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This lucidly presented series gives computer users of all stripes concrete advice on being just as careful online as they are in "real life." Throughout the programs, professionals lend expert commentary and young people tell of their experiences, while unfamiliar terms are defined onscreen. CyberSafety explains what precautions to take when visiting social networking sites and chat rooms, as well as how to steer clear of harassment and potential predators. CyberSecurity discusses the physical risks to a computer (by malware, adware, spyware, etc.), highlighting what to beware of and offering solid tips for keeping out unwanted visitors. Finally, CyberEthics spells out the real-life consequences of two all-too-common online activities-theft of intellectual property, and antisocial or abusive behavior. Grades 9–12. Closed captioned. Color. Cambridge Educational. ©2007.

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This title is part of the series: CYBERSENSE


Grades 7-12
Grades 7-12
Grades 7-12
Grades 7-12