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A powerful simulation of a drunk driving courtroom case

The scene: the twisted metal of an automobile accident in which a teenage girl died. The police arrested an 18-year-old male and accused him of driving while intoxicated. This role-playing simulation centers around his trial, as students learn about the workings of the legal system while they discuss a critical social issue. Class members assume the identities of lawyers, judges, jurors, witnesses, court officers, and reporters, and must find the defendant guilty or innocent. The eight-page student guide contains a newspaper account and police map of the accident, a list of courtroom procedures, and hints on role-playing. The 38-page teacher’s guide includes a unit schedule, detailed lesson plans, and reproducible student forms (confidential identities, witness interview form, lawyer directions, judge’s directions, jury notes, and trial diary forms). Players: 15–35. Time: 8–10 hours. Grades 6–9. Interact. ©1994.

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Grades 4-9
Grades 4-9
Grades 4-9



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