Five-volume hardback set


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This extensive career reference contains more than 980 job descriptions in more than 140 industries, and is an essential resource for public libraries and guidance and career centers. Volume 1 offers a career guidance section followed by detailed articles on each career field that include sections covering the background, structure, salary, and outlook of each career field. Volumes 2–5 describe jobs from accountants to zoologists. Descriptions include the history, nature of work, entry requirements, employment outlook, earnings, work conditions, and a brand new career ladder that outlines opportunities for advancement in a specific profession. Code numbers used by the Department of Labor and U.S. Employment Service are given, along with references to related articles and sources for more information.

  • Each volume includes a complete index of all job titles in the set.
  • Volume 1 appendixes feature information for workers with disabilities, as well as data on internships, apprenticeships, and training programs.
  • Career articles are indexed by two government classification systems: the Canadian National Occupational Classification System, and the Occupational Information Network Standard Occupational Classification System (O*NET-SOC). An index of organizations and helpful websites is also included.

Grades 7 and up. Illustrated. 8½” x 11″. Ferguson. 6282 pages. 17th Edition. ©2018.

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Grades 7-12