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61 structured lessons

By Daniel Francis Hess. These 70 activity-driven lessons form a semester-long survey course that teaches content knowledge through detailed readings supported by skill-building and critical-thinking challenges. The handout-driven lessons can lift out or serve as carefully scaffolded core curriculum in classrooms without an economics textbook. The curriculum’s six units (Basic Economics, Business and Labor, Financial Institutions, Government and the Economy, Personal Finance, and Globalization) each kick off with a lively Socratic discussion, and the wide variety of activities aim to make economics engaging as well as illuminating. Sample lesson titles: "Starting to Graph," "Labor Supply and Labor Demand," "Monetary Policy for Beginners," "Keynes Versus Hayek," "Household Budget," and "Developing Economies." This edition builds CCSS information literacy skills and includes Internet-based activities that encourage students to consider sourcing reliability and evaluate information validity. The student worktext contains only the readings and worksheets, no teaching instructions. Grades 9–12. Bibliography. Spiralbound. 8½" x 11". Center for Learning. 370 pages. Second Edition. ©2016.

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8½" x 11"


Center for Learning


Second Edition


Grades 7-12
Grades 7-12
Grades 7-12



Common Core correlations