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Highlights British literature from its origins to modern times

As English spreads across the globe, becoming the language of the Internet, understanding the extraordinary body of British literature has become ever more vital in the 21st century. This eight-part series, hosted by Jonathan Cake, addresses this need by bringing the audience from the dawn of England’s literary tradition through Chaucer to Shakespeare to William Wordsworth to Jane Austen to Charles Dickens to T.S. Eliot to J.K. Rowling. The series focuses on over 60 major authors, their insights, themes and impact on history.

  • Beowulf to Shakespeare
  • The Renaissance Writers
  • Augustan & Romantic Poets
  • Early Novelists
  • Children’s Literature
  • The Genre Innovators
  • 20th-Century Poets & Playwrights
  • 20th-Century Novelists

Shot in HD. Closed captioned. Extras include instructor’s guide, reading list, and timeline (on disc). Total time: 232 minutes. Ambrose. ©2013.

From the beginnings of western democracy in ancient Greece, plays have been a part of the human experience, helping us understand ourselves and make sense of the world. This five-part series, hosted by William Ambrose, focuses on the rich literary tradition of the theater—its plays and playwrights, including such greats as Sophocles, Terence, William Shakespeare, Moliere, Henrik Ibsen, Eugene O’Neill, Bertolt Brecht, Tennessee Williams, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Tom Stoppard. With their unique perspectives on the world around them, these playwrights have added depth and meaning to the world’s great body of literature.

  • Antiquity to the Renaissance
  • The Theater Responds to Industrialization
  • The Theater Turns Inward
  • The Theater Responds to Modernism
  • The Great Resurgence of the Theater

Grades 7 and up. Closed captioned. Educator’s guide (on disc). Total time: 145 minutes. Ambrose. ©2013.

Great Authors of the British Isles offers a taste of the variety and richness of English literature, serving up a primer for students, while also encouraging general readers to sample the writing of some of its illustrious subjects. Recommended.
– Video Librarian”
Video Librarian

“Short, well-captioned segments and quick pacing make this ideal for high-school literature classes.”

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