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Directed by Obie Benz. For teachers who arent afraid to make students laugh, ten of those corny sex-education movies from the 1950s—titles like Molly Grows Up, The Innocent Party, Easy to Get, and Printed Poison, on topics like adolescent body changes, saying no, STDs, and pornography—fill one disc of this two-disc set. The other disc juxtaposes clips from sex-ed films and Hollywood movies against thoughtful, candid, hilarious, sharply observant reminiscences from such famous Baby Boomers as musician David Byrne, performance artist Spalding Gray, comedian Sandra Bernhard, radical activist Abbie Hoffman, and poet Allen Ginsberg. Warning: Show carefully selected clips. Grades 6 and up. Color and black-and-white. 75 minutes. Americas in Transition.

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Grades 7-12