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This highly visual tour of life processes introduces basic cell biology in a menu structure offering over 30 learning chapters that can be viewed, discussed, and repeated as needed to assure that everyone is up to speed on the content. The series can be used as a full instructional program or as an introduction to the more in-depth cell biology program, Visualizing Cell Processes. Main topics:

  • The cell: discovery of cells, cell structure, organelle function, cell varieties, the chemistry of life
  • The outer envelope: membrane structure, osmosis, transport proteins, active transport, cell eating, cell drinking, receptor proteins
  • How cells obtain energy: ATP and chemical energy, mitochondria, aerobic respiration, chloroplasts, photosynthesis
  • How cells are controlled: the protein nature of life, enzymatic reactions, amino acids and DNA, how proteins are built, turning on genes
  • How cells reproduce: DNA structure, replicating DNA, mutations, proofreading and repair, the stages of mitosis

The disc includes a printable teacher’s guide. Grades 6–9. Closed captioned. Color. 74 minutes. BioMEDIA. ©2004.

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