Unmask Fictional Mystery Characters by Gathering and Assessing Text Evidence



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Solve a mystery while honing reading, writing, and text-analysis skills

Your students will feel like detectives in this evidence-gathering, multi-lesson curriculum unit designed to teach your students literary devices. Students will pick a secret literary character and create clues that will help their classmates unlock his or her identity. Using close reading strategies to learn about the lives of their secret characters, individual students will complete a series of literary skills activities such as "Make an Assertion," "Argumentative/Opinion Writing," and "Using Evidence to Infer" to provide the missing pieces of evidence that their fellow classmates will need in order to guess the identities of the characters. At the end of the unit, students will get a chance to guess their classmates characters and participate in a Lineup, a costumed event that introduces their characters (and knowledge of their texts) to schoolmates, friends, and family. Grades 4–9. Bibliography. 8½” x 11″. Interact. 66 pages. ©2016.

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