A Simulation of Explorers Searching for a Lost Tribe While Reinforcing Multiplication and Division Skills

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Using a scenario of searching for the imaginary Lost Tribe of Tocowans in Bahacan, students reinforce and master their multiplication skills. The adventure involves taking a jeep trip across a desert into rugged, unexplored, mountainous territory. Students purchase sufficient water, fuel, food, and camping gear to stay at least 15 days in this remote area. During the journey’s advances and delays, students strive to discover the lost tribe’s story and find their jewelry. Each jeep full of students is responsible for successfully completing multiplication and division speed drills, solving pictographic symbols, and making decisions about purchases. The example time chart is for 15 classes, but it may be altered. Grades 4–8. Interact.

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Common Core correlations, Grades 4–6

Common Core correlations, Grades 7–8Interact1

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