Great Cases in Law and Psychology



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Two renowned psychologists provide concrete examples of forensic psychology in action, examining 20 high-profile legal cases from the past 50 years, including those of Lee Harvey Oswald, Patricia Hearst, heavy-metal band Judas Priest, and "twinkie defense" defendant Dan White. In addition to expert testimony, the book also discusses issues such as the insanity defense, brainwashing, criminal profiling, capital punishment, child custody, juvenile delinquency, and false confessions. Note: some cases involve graphic and/or violent content.

…a thoughtful, well-researched and especially clearly written book that merits serious attention.”
The National Psychologist

“This is a book that not only teaches, but entertains as well. The authors, well-respected forensic mental health professionals, make expert testimony come alive in a series of well known and not so well known cases, providing examples of expert testimony at its best and worst. Their analysis of the testimony proffered in these cases should serve to remind all experts of their accountability and the effects their opinions have on the lives of others.”
—Alan M. Goldstein, Ph.D., ABPP, Board Certified Forensic Psychologist, John Jay College of Criminal Justice – CUNY

Minds on Trial accomplishes a rare feat: it is both solidly academic and utterly fascinating. Ewing and McCann present vivid accounts of the twenty most memorable moments that psychologists have had in the courtroom. The reader will learn a great deal about psychology and about law from this book, not least because he or she will not be able to put it down.”
—John Monahan, Doherty Professor of Law and Psychology, University of Virginia

“Ewing and McCann have achieved the remarkable objective of a readable and scholarly reexamination of twenty of the most important criminal & forensic cases. In a style as engrossing as a good novel, they delve into defendants like Andrea Yates and Jeffrey Dahmer and experts like Park Dietz, Elizabeth Loftus, and Gisli Gudjonsson, and what their lives and work teach us about law, justice, and the nature of psychiatric disorders. This terrific combination of psychological substance and engaging writing style illuminates personal and the professional aspects of the famous crimes of our time. Even with cases like Tarasoff, about which I was conversant, I learned a great deal. I loved reading this book. Minds on Trial
is destined to be a classic. Three cheers for this wonderful book!”
—Stanley L. Brodsky, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Psychology, The University of Alabama

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